I Just Wanted to Feel Normal Around Food

5 years ago my boyfriend and I were on a date at a Chinese restaurant. While reviewing the menu, the following thoughts crept into my mind:

"Fried. Gross. Nope, can't have that. That’s going to make me fat. That sauce alone probably has so much sugar. Why would you cover veggies in unhealthy sauce?! I wish I knew how many calories were in that lettuce wrap, I should have done my research. ”

As I finished perusing the menu, my thoughts caused me so much anxiety that I had to go to the bathroom to calm myself down. Overwhelmed by anxiety and the swirling thoughts of fear in my mind, I shed some tears and took a few deep breaths while looking myself in the eyes in the bathroom mirror.

I managed to compose myself enough, but when I went back to the table, I still had to ask my boyfriend if we could eat somewhere else. I knew well enough from past experiences that my choice was to leave or to beige on lo-mein to drown out the thoughts and avoid the feelings.

Right then, I realized: my mind still controlled my life in many ways -- too many ways -- and I couldn't fully heal until I found additional understanding.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the constant chatter in your mind around food and your body?

5 years ago on that day in the Chinese restaurant, my inner critic was judgmental and picky, and I wanted freedom from the exhausting chatter that consumed my mind. After research, I learned my constant thoughts about food and my body had to do with the neural pathways in my brain that -- get this -- I had created.

You see,  humans are constantly creating new neural pathways. At that time in my life, I had become obsessed with food and my body; the more I thought about food and my body (in this case in a negative way), the deeper the pathways became.

It was a tough realization to come to: I had, thought by thought, cemented these negative beliefs about food and my body in my own mind.

However, it was also a tremendous break-through moment in which I realized the power I had at my fingertips.

It was empowering to know that these pathways were created -- that I wasn’t broken -- and that I could actively create new, positive pathways at any moment.

The same is true for you, my friend. You are not broken either and…

Your Body is not the problem - your mind is.

Bold statement, right? I know! It’s a truth I’m passionate about because I’ve lived it. You don’t believe me? Just think about this…

  • The common denominator to your unhappiness are your thoughts about your Body - not your Body itself. There’s a BIG difference.
  • You say to yourself, "when I lose weight I will be happier, I will be more fun, I'll live my life" - and you know that the only thing stopping you are your limiting thoughts.
  • Emotional eating is a symptom of waiting. Freedom comes when ditch the diet and you live now. Ending your struggle means doing something different - way different.

Not sure if you believe this is true for you?

Let me share with you what Anna said after learning from these teachings:

“Prior to this work I thought, "I'll be happy when I am toned, I have abs, and I am a size 0-2." Now, I can finally say that 9 out of 10 days I love my curves. So much so that I would miss them if they were gone. I never in a million years thought that I say that!

Jenna firmly believes that there is no mold we should be trying to fit ourselves into but rather we should work to love our souls and our bodies. It's a simple idea that I had never thought about until I met Jenna.

With her guidance, now my self-love fills me with energy and motivation to be stronger in mind, body, and soul. My workouts have turned into something fun to do, I enjoy all the meals I eat, and I no longer beat myself up over indulgent meals. Rather, I take time to appreciate my food and my body. From this place, indulgent meals are just that. And they no longer turn into days, weeks, or months of guilt. I feel empowered and full heartedly believe that every human being deserves self love. I highly recommend working with Jenna in any capacity!”

When Anna let go of her need to be her idea of perfect - when she stopped waiting on her mind to tell her she was good enough - she started doing things that made her joyful and uncovered a life and body she LOVES.

What would happen if you stopped waiting and lived now?

Big love,

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