Holiday Self-Care Made Simple: Daily Habits so that You Feel Grounded, Loving and Less Insane than Last Year

I know it’s easy to get stressed by all the menu planning, party invites, family drama, "high school reunion"-like social events, and unpacking dusty decorations from the attic. But even if you can’t imagine fitting one more thing on your calendar, there’s one thing I highly recommend making a priority -- taking care of yourself.


You need self-care-made-simple.


Today I’m sharing my 5 Daily Habits of Self-Love that are simple, quick and create a beautiful wholeness to your day -- leaving you mentally, physically and emotional well cared for.


Why is self-care so important? Because when you don't take time each day to check in with YOU, you end the day feeling stressed, exhausted, unfulfilled or bored. And we all know what happens next….


You eat and drink!! And I don’t mean leafy greens and pressed juice. Am I right?


I know because I’ve been there -- over-extending myself, sacrificing my self-care (and, as a result, my happiness) based on the expectations of others. I would say yes to the team happy hour and the extra christmas social because I felt the need to show face, only to come home and eat half a large pizza and a pint of ice-cream.


The results when you put everyone else before yourself? If you’re anything like me:

  • Exhaustion
  • Irritability + impatience
  • Stress
  • Late night binges
  • Weight gain
  • Breakouts (from exhaustion, stress and those late-night sugar filled snacks)


However, when you make taking care of yourself a priority, something amazing happens: 

  • You glow.
  • You stop emotional eating without even trying.
  • You politely say “I don’t agree” instead of screaming at your mother when she comments that you should loose 10 pounds or be married by now.
  • You feel confident in our skin. 


So what are the essentials for self-care that create these results?


Here are my 5 Daily Habits of Self-Love:


1. I activate my best self daily

This is where consistent motivation and inspiration is ignited -- crucial in order to form a habit! What lights you up? Start the day with a dance party or a 5 minute meditation. You first, always.

[Side note: In my online group program, Live Now, I teach a Daily Activation Ritual that grounds, inspired and makes a plan for your best day in under 2 minutes! It's life changing!]


2. I move my body every day

Studies show that just 20 minutes of movement (it doesn't even have to be intense!) increases your endorphin levels and helps you relieve stress. This is a physical, mental, emotional must-do! Get creative this holiday season and have fun -- anything form push-ups in your hotel room to snowball fights with your niece and nephew count as movement!


3. I fill my day with pleasure

Pleasure is the antidote to so many things. Fill your holidays with simple pleasures like lighting candles, using essential oils or wearing bright red lipstick.


4. I eat with gusto

Take the time to enjoy your food! Really taste it and treasure it. Girls gotta eat (yes, christmas cookie are allowed), so why not make it a mindful experience that revives you physically and mentally. 


5. I am willing to be imperfect

A willingness to be imperfect allows us to carry onward at all times, despite mistakes, to pursue our dreams without worrying if we are doing it right or wrong, and to show up fully in the present moment without judgement. Practice this and release the pressure on yourself (and your mother, sister, partner) to be perfect.


This holiday season, I challenge you to implement these 5 Daily Habits of Self-Love into your day. I’m not saying you can’t go to the holiday party or happy hour if you want to -- but I am giving you permission skip it if you don’t want to. With these daily habits, whether you attend the party or not, you’re more likely to be grounded, loving, feel confident and feel way less insane than last year. More joy, less stress and fewer late night pantry raids. Win-win!


Big love,