Do THIS to Get (and Stay) on Your Spiritual Path

I had the pleasure of seeing Trevor Hall on his A Night In The Village Tour - of which he turned the usual "man with guitar" act into a night of storytelling, laughter, travel, and inner exploration.


In that way, it was more than a just a pleasure (or an honor!), it was transcendent.


I've always loved his music (perfect for yoga and general relaxation) and, after last night, I have a whole new appreciation for him. He is such a beautiful human and he is sharing his heart with the world. YES!


What resonated with me was seeing someone so non-defensively saying "fuck it" to the status quo. Trevor recently dropped his record label to become an independent artist, meaning he now gets to do whatever he wants. He describes this transition as "amazing and a lot more work than we expected".


What he wants is what we all really want - to share our truth.


His truth is being a channel for songs to flow through him. He described that music is his medicine and that his writing is a meditative practice of getting out of his own way. So much so that one of his most beloved songs, The Lime Tree, came to him years ago and he still doesn't know the meaning of it, he just  trusts that it came to him from spirit for a reason and enjoys allowing his fans to create their own interpretation.


He came on stage with socks, but no shoes, wearing sweats, a t-shirt and a beanie. He proceeded to share images and stories of his travels to India, and his "mad" obsession with Baba's, Baul musicians [Bengali mystic musician], and men of Spirit who have inspired him on his path. Throughout the night we laughed, we cried (there's no way I was the only one), and we learned about the story and inspiration behind his albums and songs as he played them for us. So yeah, transcendent is how I describe the show, because it was so much more than the box that most artists put their show into.


Side note: His talent is freaking incredible. His voice so whole - words don't do it justice.


After the show he took live Q&A with the audience. One that stood out to me that I know will serve you is when a woman, "In a city like NYC what suggestions do we have to stay on the path when there can be so much materialism around us". I adored his answer.


He said, "Don't fight it".


He went on (I'm doing my best to paraphrase) to say that we are exactly where we need to be, experiencing what we need to experience, in every moment. That, in fact, his solution to everything from fame to illness is to surrender to the perfect timing of life in which everything is happening for the greater good.


It's stated in these lyrics off of his newest album:


"What I know, is that I don't know

And now I dance and I sing and I live for

I give it all to the call of the unknown I would

What I say is that I don't say

And now I rest no stress in the Holy Name

All fears and my tears give it all away

I play, like a child of the earth"


My take: There is a reason you have been placed where you are now (this job, this city, this relationship).


Instead of fighting it, open your eyes to see the miracle and lesson. If you think your co-worker is annoying or your roommate is too materialistic, there's a lesson there for you. Maybe you don't know why, or don’t quite see it yet, but it's all being presented to you for a purpose.


Consider the possibility that everything is a gift. Every experience and every single person you meet has a gift for you: perhaps to help you see things differently or to enter a new wave of acceptance and unconditional love. We can be so quick to judge others instead of asking ourselves, "Why do I think this about a person I barely know?" or "What about this situation is making me uncomfortable and how can I change my perception to return to love and peace?".


Everyone we meet is a mirror for us to see and experience our truth.


Let's be real, we're all a bit annoying and a bit materialistic, really. Have we yet to accept that about ourselves? Or have we yet to express that as we truly desire?


Asking OURSELF these questions is how we stay on the path.


It represents self-responsibility.

It invites in self-intimacy.

It is the start of uncovering who you truly are and the beginning of the love affair you've been craving.

(Hint: it's with yourself)


Staying curious and seeking love in every moment is how we release our fears and give ourselves permission to "play, like a child of the Earth" (soooo freaking beautiful, Trevor!).


So if you want to stay on, or get on the path, start asking yourself these questions: "Why do I think this about a person I barely know?" or "What about this situation is making me uncomfortable? " and "How can I change my perception to return to love and peace?".


Everything is happening for a higher purpose.

You're exactly where you need to be.

And everyone you meet is a mirror because what we see in other people is a direct reflection of what is within us.


So use others, use your relationships, to get to know what's really inside of YOU.

If you're feeling stuck in a job or dissatisfied in a relationships, take a retreat into yourself and ask yourself WHY instead of pointing a finger.


And BAM BAM - you're on "the path".


Welcome to the magic zone, baby!


Here are some of my favorite songs by Trevor to help you create the perfect soundtrack for your spiritual journey...

This is the first song of his I ever heard in a yoga class, that made me love him instantly - Forgive.

This is the song I share the most with clients and friends - You Can't Rush Your Healing.

This is one of my favorites - Green Mountain State.

And this is one off of his newest album that I adore -  What I Know.




Celebrating your new love affair,