You Were Designed to Stand Out

Hey, beautiful <3 I am feeling so called to share this with you...

Share that I see you. That I hear you. That I love you. There truly is nothing more valuable than you. And there is nothing not to love about you.

It breaks my heart to hear you say that you want to change your shape so that you can fit in and I’d like to share something more with you about what I SEE when I look at you...

I see different - thank God!
Physically, mentally, emotionally - there's something so unique about you.
There is no one like you!

You weren’t made to fit in. You were designed precisely the way you were so that you WOULD stand out. - Tweet it!

Physically (and also mentally, emotionally and spiritually) different. And all with PURPOSE. Are you ready to step into the truth of who you are?

Then I invite you to build a new relationship with food and your Body. So that you can align with your purpose in a powerful way. So that you can uncover your Ideal Body - the one that will support your maximum energy, power, prosperity and impact. One that trusts in YOU and your divine and unique design.

You are different for a reason.
You see it.
You feel it.

Are you ready to OWN it?

So much shifted for me when I broke through my fear of being visible and updated my perspective on food and my Body:

  • My revenue more than doubled within 2 months.
  • I found my dream wedding dress instantaneously - feeling so much like ME and unattached to what anyone else would think.
  • My confidence shot through the roof because I was finally owning all that I AM: mind, BODY, and spirit.

True emBODYment was a catalyst in so many ways. And it feels amazing. I say this to humbly brag (cause there is NOTHING wrong with celebrating your wins!) AND ... to invite you to YOUR true emBODYment. 

It's time.

Are you ready to stop dimming your light?
Are you ready to stop apologizing for your shine?
Are you ready to EMBODY all that you were made to BE?

More than a size. More than a number. More than a pretty face.

I see you, love. I see YOU for all that you are. I see your magic.

Come see what I see. 
Come OWN it with me. 
Come play with me!

Big love always,


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