How to UP-Level Your Health to a New Normal


Hey, love!How are you?! What are you celebrating today?? I'm celebrating that I bought these gorgeous flowers. Let me tell you why this is a big deal...

I thought these flowers were beautiful... and so I let myself buy them. A few years ago, this would have never happened. I wouldn't have thought that I deserved them. Or I would have waited for my boyfriend to get them for me.

How many other things was I waiting on just a few short years ago?

  • More money before I could leave the corporate world to pursue my dreams.
  • Permission to START a business that I desired so badly.
  • Validation from others that I was good enough to charge money for my work.

And a few years before that?

  • My butt to be bigger before I could flirt with an attractive man.
  • A flat tummy before I could wear a tight dress.
  • A personal best time before I felt worthy of my scholarship.
  • A man to notice me to feel worthy of love.

The deep wounds of unworthiness and shame keep us in WAITING mode. Waiting for our life to begin. We deserve better.

In all my years of WAITING for external approval I never once felt fulfilled. It was awful. Sort of like being in jail. I felt trapped. Knowing, intellectually and rationally that I did deserve better, but physically STUCK in inaction until someone told me it was OK to go after the things I desired.

Can you relate?

Today I'm beyond grateful and ecstatic to be FREE from Body-jail, relationship-jail, and career-jail! I fully own and know and FEEL that I deserve what I desire, in every moment. 

So do YOU.

Nope, it's not too much. It's not selfish, either. What it IS is you finally owning your brilliance and deciding for YOURSELF what life will look and feel like. On your own terms. 

For me, it all started when I began to question my relationship with food and my Body and decided that the normal struggle of feeling ugly in comparison to others and consistently yoyo-ing from diet to diet to find the perfect formula was no longer good enough for me.

How's "normal" treating you? Is it good enough for you? 

The constant state of compare and despair.
The lack of self trust around food.
Never feeling like you've made it to "healthy" but instead are in constant research mode.... WAITING for your life to begin once you feel comfortable or once you "fit it".

I believe you deserve better. I believe you deserve to define health (and life) on your own terms.  I believe you deserve to Live NOW! 

Are you ready?

Cause I can't wait to see you come ALIVE! And it can happen in a matter of days. Take my Activate Your Health Challenge and see for yourself. Sign up at  to uncover a lasting state of health unique to you.

Big love,