Care LESS About What People Say


Hello soul sister! Today I got a HIT from an old story of mine that said, "check your likes, see what they said about you". My shadow popped up and here's what I have to say to that...

Who cares what they say!

Un-learning the conditionings of my past that have worked to keep me “safe” has been so scary, and so so so liberating. 

To consciously bring to light the fear of not being good enough in all of its iterations:

Afraid to show my Body and be judged or stereotyped.
Afraid to speak my truth and be misunderstood or shamed.
Afraid to stand in my power and make someone feel uncomfortable or offended.
And so many more...

My shadow wants to please you. My shadow needs your validation. Can you relate?

It’s the lesson I’ve learned over and over and over again in my life: that seeking acknowledgement of my worth through others is NOT the pathway to freedom. Over and over and over again, though relationships and Body image and career paths, I sought approval.

At the expense of what?

My happiness.
My unique gifts staying hidden.
Getting the rest I needed.
My health.

We can all relate on some level, this I believe.

And what I’ve learned, intimately, is that we all have a responsibility to visit these darker places within us and illuminate them with truth. 

And on the other side of the shadow dive? Freedom.

Sawwwwweeet freedom!

Yes, it will mean turning your back on some things. Like the opinions of other people. And needing others validation and approval to know your worth.

You deserve that freedom. You deserve to FEEL your value, undeniably, in every cell of your being. No matter what they say. No matter what you do. Because you ARE enough.

Are you ready? Freedom feels good.

Join me here.

Big love,