How Spirit Can Bring Peace + Mindfulness to Your Meal


Today I'm sharing my most powerful tool to ensure peace, serenity and mindfulness at mealtime. 


I know that Thanksgiving Day can be overwhelming and anxiety ridden for a lot of people as they spend the day thinking of all the foods they want but can’t have. For others, who decide that “Thanksgiving” means “foodie hall pass”, all mindfulness is thrown out the door as they eat until they reach a food coma.


Radical honesty - this was my reality for many years. Yo-yoing from one extreme to the other.


I would experience a mental lapse of judgement when I saw so much food around me - my rational thinking would fly out the window and I would start thinking in very black and white terms. I either thought "don't you dare touch the dessert. Not one bite!!" or "It's a holiday - screw it! I'm having everything!"


I either deprived myself of fully enjoying the delicious food and obsessed over what I ate, or I ate so much that I numbed myself out and failed to really enjoy any one thing in particular.

Sound familiar? I know I am not the only one who has ever felt this way.


That's why I'm sharing a tool today that helped dissolve my anxiety around food, as well as the black and white, irrational thinking that came along with it. With this tool, I now stay present and can authentically enjoy food-filled events such Thanksgiving.


The tool is simple yet miraculous - invite one more person to the party: your highest self, your spirit, your soul, God or a Higher Power of your own understanding.


This holiday season, before you put anything of your plate, go to a quiet place, take a few deep breathes, and invite this presence to bring stillness and awareness to the meal. 


My personal prayer, which you can use or can totally disregard and create your own, is:


“Thank you Guides of the highest truth and compassion for joining me today. Thank you for supporting me during this time. Thank you for guiding me to know when I am hungry and when I am full and for helping me to eat with grace. Thank you for allowing me to fully enjoy this occasion by magnifying the flavors and textures of the food I am about to eat. I invite you now to show me what to do, to guide me and to move through me as I fill up my plate with foods my Body will love and as I eat my food mindfully.”


By saying this prayer, you surrender the moment and the meal to a force much greater than yourself; a source much greater than both your desire to restrict and your desire to devour. This gives you the freedom to peacefully enjoy the meal knowing that you are being guided and supported to do what is best for you moment by moment and bite to bite.


[Side note: this tools works so beautifully with my tips on intuitive eating, which you can read by clicking here.]


After taking a few quiet moments to say prayer, mindfully approach an array of food, choose what food you will eat and how much of it to put on your plate. There is no longer a right or wrong way to do this, there is just a willingness to pay attention to what your foods speak to your Body and choose mindfully.


If you are willing to pay attention you will feel the presence around you and you will experience that presence with your food when you later sit down to eat. Unlike ever before, you will be able to notice how the foods taste on your tongue in a very profound and delicious way. Further, you no longer have to worry about calories or a food-coma because you can trust that your Body will tell you when it has had enough food. You will be free to enjoy your food with grace and gratitude.


I encourage you to use this tool today to bring more love and joy to each meal you eat. Use it to dissolve food anxiety and liberate yourself from the trappings of your fears.


This is where your relationship with food becomes the catalyst for your spiritual awakening and the freedom to live your most joyous life!

Experience how inviting one more person to the meal can miraculously change how you experience the this holiday and the many more to come.

Big love,