I Stood On Stage and Talked about My Trauma

I processed something really personal this week and, though I didn't expect to be sharing about it publicly, I feel strongly that I must share my experience.

This week my intuition guided me toward sharing a poem I wrote about trauma at an open mic night. This is NOT something I would ever do - I've never even written poetry but this poem flew out of me last week after a particularly heart opening yoga class.

Leading up to the open mic night, I could feel so much resistance coming up. I felt "uncomfortable" and made sure to practice self-love by moving my Body, drinking lots of water, and crying as needed. Still, my Ego found  every reason not to go - "it's a 40 min train ride, it costs money to perform, I don't feel 100%" - were a few of the fear-based thoughts popping up. So much resistance!

The funny thing about resistance - it pops up extra strong RIGHT before a breakthrough.

I knew that, no matter what, I'd need to get up on that stage.

[Side note: it really helped that I had made a declaration to my team to do it. There is so much power in accountability and support!! If you don't have a team of people around you to support your highest truth and joy - let's chat! It's essential and you deserve it.]

When the big night came I felt nervous but ready as I stepped up on stage. However, half way through the poem my Body began to shake heavily. 


I've experienced this "shake" before - like right before investing thousands of dollars in myself and my business and right before quitting my full time job.

BIG steps toward your truth and joy require BIG release of liming beliefs and old, stagnant energy.

Hence, the "shakes".

I like to think of it as shedding old skin. Taking off a mask I've worn for too long, one that doesn't represent the real me. Releasing that which no longer serves me.

Choosing to make space for the new.

Choosing to believe in freedom, truth, joy.

Choosing to believe that I deserve it all (and more beyond my own comprehension).

That's what trusting your intuition means - admitting that you don't know everything and that your Body is wise beyond your knowing. That She is always guiding you toward your highest truth and joy.

New abundance (I received money into my account the next day) and new opportunities to serve (I was asked to share my poem to a large group the next day) - that's what I found after I spoke my poem out loud. Out with the old, in with the new. I welcome it all and I sense that there is more to come.

Is there something you're intuition has been guiding you towards that you have been resisting?

Perhaps you know you deserve better than what you're experiencing, that you deserve more than what currently surrounds you. 

Are you willing to follow your intuition, to release the old and make space for the new - make space for the truth?

This is a journey I have been on for a decade, first with food and my Body, and now with my business, my relationship and (ultimately) my life. I have found peace, ease, comfort and freedom around food and in my Body through intuitive eating. Now I'm getting closer and closer to the same in all areas of my life. I feel peace and serenity every day. I am free. But there is still so much to learn.

Are you ready to learn? You can start just like I did, with intuitive eating.

[Side note: without learning to eat intuitively I wouldn't be able to process this healing because I used to eat and drink to cover up feeling "uncomfortable" and to avoid the pains of my past. Can you relate? That's why intuitive eating is so important & why it's the secret key to unlocking your truth - it allows you to get to the root of your suffering.]

If there's a calling in your heart to ditch the diet, to forget about the "last 10 pounds" and find freedom from your inner critic - let's chat. I thrive in guiding women just like you to trust themselves, feel natural in their skin and rock their confidence instead of suffer.

I'm ready when you are.

Big love,