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I Choose Love Now: The First Step to Saying Yes to Your Dreams

In every moment - with every thought, belief, action, reaction - we make a choice between love and fear.

This weekend I experienced breakthroughs and clarified my vision alongside 250 visionaries at the Ignite Event hosted by Life on Fire. I personally lead 10 people to through the event and I walk away from it with an overflow of love, clarity, inspiration, and motivation.

One thing I witnessed which is on my heart to expose is our human nature to choose fear instead of love when it comes to our dreams.

We feel hopeless and helpless in those moments where the future is unclear, where we have uncertainly of how everything is going to turn out. Thoughts like...

  • "I don't know the how"
  • "It's too risky"
  • "It's possible for them, but not for me"

...stop us from choosing to say YES to our deepest desires. Sound familiar?

This breaks my heart.

It might seem easier, safer even, to choose fear because we avoid the unknown and stay where we are. However, the truth of the matter is that staying where you are, not changing, is not safe (and no fun!). In fact, it's painful. That's what breaks my heart.

It's in those moments of fear where our superpower of choice is most needed - where we must return to love and choose again. This is why I am so passionate about choice. Choosing love may be scary in the moment but it has great rewards!

Choosing love means not having to know how but trusting that everything is going to work out in your favor.

Choosing love means saying yes to your desires and dreams because you know you are worthy. 

Because of the nature of the Ignite Event, and the world-class coaches at Life on Fire, hundreds of visionaries had breakthroughs that lead them to say YES to their unique dreams this weekend.

If you have a dream - be it to make more money, to make more impact, to feel confident in your Body, to never count calories again or to heal a relationship - choosing love is the first step to acheiving it.

Fear does not allow for possibilities - it squanders them.

Love not only allows for endless possibilities, it also opens the doors of opportunity for you.

What are you waiting for? Choose love. I have a go-to affirmation that I use to help me remember my superpower - I Choose Love Now. It's a reminder that moment - every though, belief, action, and reaction - is a choice and, if we catch ourselves choosing fear, we can always return to love.

Say it with me, "I Choose Love Now".

Big love,


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What are you waiting for? Choose love now! Open the door to endless possibilities and take the Life on Fire Challenge with me!