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Avoid Overeating: Top 3 Tips to Eat Intuitively

Consider the possibility that intuitive eating is the secret to putting an end to dieting and that you can start to eat intuitively right now - leaving you with a clear and energized approach to the upcoming and overwhelming Thanksgiving feast! 


After years of cycling from diet to diet, restricting certain foods only to end up binging in the end, I learned to eat intuitively and I went from feeling powerless to feeling free. 


I can remember feeling anxious at Thanksgiving, wondering if my family would notice the fact that I had no carbs on my plate, and also wondering if I’d end up in front of the fridge later that night eating cold mashed potatoes out of the pan with a spoon. It was all so mentally tiring and unpredictable. Hence the powerlessness I felt on a day-to-day basis, which was only heightened around the holidays.


Image the Thanksgiving dinner table (and the rest of your life) with: 


  • No more calorie counting.
  • No more portion control.
  • No more restrictions and limitations, followed by binging and guilt.
  • No more logging miles on the treadmill.
  • No more feeling overwhelmed and powerless.


Just you, your healthy Body and your food, all living in union and partnership.


It's possible and I’m so excited to share 3 simple tips you can start today to begin the journey to eating intuitively.


Intuitive eating is the process in which you follow the guidance of your Body when choosing what to eat and how much to eat. It's a listening and feeling practice that allows your Body to do her job efficiently digesting and metabolizing your meal without going on high alert after yet another Thanksgiving food coma.


Despite the confusion around all the conflicting information (and misinformation) about "good" and "bad" food, your Body knows what foods to eat and how much. If you're ready to ditch the rollercoaster of skipping breakfast and ending Thanksgiving Day in a food coma, and instead feel natural and energized this Thanksgiving, follow these 3 steps:


1. Eat with presence. 

Light conversation or music that you enjoy are welcome, but if you're watching TV or are having a heated argument with your uncle about the actual definition of feminism… it's not the ideal time to be eating because you’ll be super distracted from your food. When you're distracted you miss the deliciousness of the meal (any you're way more likely to overeat)! If you find that there is something that's distracting you from what you're putting in your mouth, excuse yourself from the room or put a pause on your meal until you can be totally present with it. When you're present with your food, make sure to ask yourself: "Am I hungry?" and "Do I love what I'm tasting?"


2. Don’t pick - make yourself a plate. 

A lot of mindless eating happens when we slip past the desert table or when we're picking from a bowl of chips or nuts. It can almost feel involuntary, as if the cookie just jumped into your hand without you noticing! It feels involuntary because it’s a subconscious habit. Now, I’m not saying you don’t get to sample the spread, I’m proposing you to start a new habit - make yourself a plate and sit your cute butt down and ask yourself: "Am I hungry?" and "Do I love what I'm tasting?"


3. Slow down and chew your food.

So easy and so important, yet so easy to forget. Here’s your reminder - chewing your food is important! For one, it helps your body properly digest the food by coating it in saliva and breaking it down. Second, smaller pieces are metabolized easier. Finally, it slows you down and allows you to taste - and appreciate -the food. Better digestion, higher metabolism, and more satisfaction? Yes, please! Don't forget to ask yourself: "Am I hungry?" and "Do I love what I'm tasting?"


With all of the above, if your answer to the questions, "Am I hungry?" and "Do I love what I'm tasting?" is "no", set your food aside. If the answer is "yes" soak in all the delishousness and enjoy!


Ok, love, I hope these suggestions help you find freedom and feel grounded as you enjoy your meals this holiday. When in doubt, just take your time and focus on finding pleasure in every bite!


Now I’d love to hear from you - What’s one tip you will practice this holiday season?


Big love,



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