Real Women. Real Results.

In my last blog post I told you how I all but fell apart in a Chinese restaurant before having a major break-though about my relationship with food and my Body.

Today I'm going to share the tangible results of when you stop dieting, counting calories and obsessing over fat and, instead, Live Now.

Just to refresh your memory…

I learned my constant thoughts about food and my Body had to do with the neural pathways in my brain that - get this - I had created. It was a tough realization to come to. However, it was also a tremendous break-through moment in which I realized the power I had at my fingertips.

It was empowering to know that these pathways were created - that I wasn’t broken - and that I could actively create new, positive pathways at any moment.

The same is true for you. Want more truth?

  1. Your Body is not the problem - Your mind is.

  2. Emotional eating is a symptom of waiting. Freedom comes when you embrace your desires, your emotions and your truth. Yea, we’re talking about your LIFE here.

  3. If you keep doing the same thing, nothing will change. It’s time to do something very different: ditch the diet, listen to your body, and live now!

So what were my tangible results of ditching the diet and choosing to Live Now?

  1. My Body found its ideal weight and I have effortlessly maintained it. Plus, I've also had clients lose 5 pounds in 3 weeks and up to 80 pounds in 2 years.

  2. Learning to love and trust myself around food has allowed me to trust myself in all areas of life - including the commitment of marriage (that boyfriend from the Chinese restaurant story is now my Fiancé)!

  3. I’ve opened up my heart to my dreams and went from being a CPA to being an international Transformational Life Coach! When you stop denying your heart what she wants, really amazing things start happening FOR you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this isn’t just about the food… my relationship, and in so many ways, my LIFE was at stake.

I was never going to be able to show up fully and trust myself to handle big commitments without doing this work first.

If you want to heal your emotional eating and tame the B*tch in your brain ask yourself this…

Have you ever snuck into the kitchen late at night to scarf down brownies over the skin hoping no one would catch you?

Yeah, that's emotional eating.

Now consider the possibilities  for your life when you heal your emotional eating, stop obsessing over your weight and Body and start to Live Now.

What kind of partner, mother, friend, co-worker, or boss babe would you be if you never had to sneak, hide, or obsess about food and your Body again?

If you're anything like me, I knew in my heart that I had to end the yo-yo dieting and constant self-criticism if I was ever going to show up as the women I knew I had the potential to be.

Does it kind of feel like your life is at stake?

You're not alone. I've been there and I can guide you through. In my next blog post I'll share a roadmap to building a healthy relationship with food and your body that will help you overcome emotional eating and embody your full potential NOW - not 10 pounds, a man, or a raise away from now.

For now - just imagine the possibilities for your life when you heal your emotional eating, stop waiting on the weight and start to Live Now.

Big love,