shadow diving

What it Takes to go BIGGER and Shine BRIGHTER

Hey, sister! How are you?! Are you feeling called to do more and shine brighter lately, like me? Whoa. That's why I am popping in...

... to love all over you and chat about the work it takes to go BIGGER and shine brighter: Shadow Diving (like, really deep). Everyone's invited …
But not everyone has the courage. Well, that's not true. We all HAVE the courage because we all ARE courageous. But not everyone CHOOSES to flex that muscle, to text the limits, and take the leap.

If you're currently choosing to dive deeper, to question "normal", to desire more than you're currently experiencing - I honor you. And I am right there with you. 

I'm going to tell you MORE, but FIRST - SOME MEGA GRATITUDE: In the last 2 months I have expanded my services through inspiration and guidance from amazing mentors (yes, plural!), I have received SOUL MATE clients who fill me up with so much JOY, and  I have made more money than I used to make in my corporate job.  All while moving to a brand new, luxury apartment and planning a wedding, no less. I AM and I FEEL so supported, so blessed and so ALIVE! 

Is this real life? Yes. Of course it is! I asked for this. I called it in.

And now I'm going bigger. Which means going deeper, first.

We are all a vast ocean, so expansive and so connected. So I'm going down to the bottom of the sea until I find the deeeepest parts of me. To do the work that is necessary for me to step into even more of who I AM called to be.

This is "the work" of the light-worker. Shadow diving, they call it. Diving deep down to shine the light where it is needed most.

Practicing, with mentorship and guidance, that I am my own best medicine. And knowing that there is nothing to "fix" and that I am being divinely guided toward a more expansive awakening and abundance and freedom. I want it all and I know that I can have it.

The same is true for you.

So, my fellow courageous shadow diver, I ask -

What do you NEED?
Have you asked lately?
How can you give that to yourself?

No one else can give you what you need the way you know how… and you've always known so perfectly. Your heart calls you towards it - a day off work, that coach/mentor/guide, high vibe foods, more rest, more healing, more journaling.

Here's your permission to stop waiting. 

Take a day off. Take ten.

Say YES to the support you need. Right now.

As inspiration, and to show you how committed I am to doing the WORK and giving myself exactly what I need, here's a bit of the healing work that I have planned as I dive DEEP in April:

  1. Journaling retreat
  2. Weekly Reiki with the likes of my dear friend and healer
  3. Akashic Record reading (this is a first!)
  4. Weekly REHAB with my favorite PT to the stars Bryna C.
  5. Getting my HAIR done did by celeb stylist Ryan Pearl
  6. Restful and relaxing weekend away with ALL of my SISTERS (heart so freaking FULL)

And so much more on a daily basis…

This is the work of the lightworker. Are you courageous enough to do THIS?

I'll tell you with 100% confidence - yes you ARE.

And right now is the perfect moment for you to CHOOSE YOU. 

Love so BIG,