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5 Great Reasons to Sign Up for Monthly Treatment with Jenna Hillier


I want more real connection with you...


So I'm rolling out something brand new and different (more connection, more truth, more love, more inspiration), and it’s only for my email subscribers.

I’ve seen so much done in the online space and I've been craving NEW ways to share ideas, stories, etc. with you.

So moving forward, I’ll share exclusive content with my email subscribers once a month. I'm lovingly calling this exclusive content Monthly Treatment for 2 reasons:


1. Far too often we view treatment as a negative thing: you need treatment because you're sick, suffering, etc. I'm so passionate about creating a new paradigm in health and it starts by redefining words so that they LIFT US UP. 

Treatment isn't bad or sad or wrong. It's a CHOICE. Treatment is something you CHOOSE to do to lovingly release what doesn't serve you and to step more and more into the light of who you truly ARE. - Tweet it! 

You with me?!

2. It's about finding your people (your society, your team) and a space you feel at home in. It's about find people who get you and who are walking in the same direction as you - the direction of LOVE. And continuing to come back to those same people and that space exactly as you ARE. Consistently. No matter what. No matter if its a good month or a bad month. Knowing that the people and the space will hold you.


If you’re not already on the list...

Here Are 5 Great Reasons to Subscribe Now to receive Monthly Treatment and so much more!

You’ll get a delightful mix of:


  1. Access to private events with yours truly
  2. What books, videos, music and resources I’m currently enjoying and thinking about
  3. Updates and stories (think behind-the-scenes kind of stuff!) 
  4. First access to brand new products, pilot programs, or appearances
  5. Direct access to me with one click (again, it's all about real connection)


Essentially, this will be a way for me to share cool things with you that I’m finding interesting/thought-provoking/really-laugh-out-loud... or just useful. Or more about what's going on in my personal life... stuff I don't blast to social media.

More real life stuff. Cause you know thats how I roll. The structure will vary and evolve but, as always, I’ll only share things that genuinely touch me in some way. 

RADICAL HONESTY: I'm passionate about what I love, what I feel, and who I teach. I'm spiritual AND sometimes I use "adult language". Just wanted to be honest and let you know so there are no surprises (and you can always unsubscribe if you don’t absolutely love it).

It’ll be a fun experiment, and one that I’m really excited to play with. 

So if you’re not already on the list, here's how to join: Click here and pop in your name and email into the form (plus you’ll get an incredible training from me called Tame the Bitch in Your Brain. It’s not to be missed).

See you soon!

Big love,