Tame the Bitch in Your Brain

Over the past 10 years I’ve been studying, implementing and coaching mindful eating, positive mindset and self-love. On this blog I’m going to be sharing really personal stories about my journey to overcome my own struggle with these issues and how I’ve helped other women navigate these hurdles.

First, here are some common fears that I hear across the board to overcoming emotional eating:

  • “I’m a stop and start person, I’ve never been able to follow through.”
  • “Nothing lasts! I’m sick of paying money for programs that you have to constantly re-invest in and reply upon.”
  • “My life is so busy, especially right now, and I don’t feel like I have the time.”

If you and I do anything together, love, it’s going to be breaking through the Bitch in your brain that tells you that you can’t have the life and Body you desire.

The truth is, you have the power to choose a new pattern for yourself right now.

Let's start by dispelling some common limiting beliefs your inner Bitch tells you about overcoming emotional eating and achieving serenity + happiness (for keeps).

Limiting Belief #1: I’ve tried a million things and can’t follow through. This is just how I am.

You’ve forced yourself to follow someone else’s formula for success.  

Force sucks. Power doesn’t.

Power feels like you’re being pulled, guided, to what’s right for you. I will show you how to reclaim your power over your mind and your choices so that life becomes a continuous stream of miracles, motivating you to take the next right action, each and every day.

Limiting Belief #2:  Nothing lasts! I will just become dependent on coaching and waste my money.

Let me give it to you straight - meal plans and cleanses only handle the “effects” of emotional eating so, while you may lose weight quickly, you end up returning to your old habits once they are done. That’s because they don’t address the core issues at hand.

I help you to uncover WHY you’re eating and teach you to trust your real guru - your Body - so that you never have to think about counting calories or following a meal plan ever again.

Limiting belief #3:  Life is so busy, I don’t have time.

Girl, I get it - you’re busy. But your success and happiness comes down to two things: Food + Self-care.

The real problem? There’s way too much conflicting information out there about what’s “good”, “bad”, and (this one’s a biggies) how to make it actually work in real life without feeling deprived and missing out on night in with the girls and nights out with your man!

The good news? I know this stuff inside & out - I live it - and I can show you how to live it, too.

I'm confident because I know your superpower: You have the power to choose a new pattern for yourself right now.

And you can start by grabbing your free guide to Tame The Bitch in Your Brain. Click here to grab your free copy now! It's all about taking your power back - in the kitchen and in your life.

You can, you will and I’ll be cheering you on all the way!

Big love,


P.S. Later this week I’m going to share more details about my own personal story - so keep a look out for a new post!