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"I thought I had to be the fittest, cleanest personal trainer ever in order for my clients to believe that I had value to give them"

"My mom used to comment on how tight my clothes were, and it was clear that I didn’t get to wear the same clothing as my thin sister”

“I had an ex once tell me my body was a ten but my face was a five and I’ve never felt beautiful since then”

If conditioning is what you've been taught to believe then consciousness is the unlearning of those things to uncover what your Soul has always known to be true. No doubt you've had life experience that created the body story you have today (for better or worse). The power you have now is to choose to remember "who you are" (consciousness), and begin to let go of who they told you to be (conditioning). I call this taking your power back.

If you’re ready to release old, conditioned beliefs (the ones that hold you back from living the life you desire) and create a new, conscious connection with your body - this workshop is for you!

Join Embodiment Coach and Energy Healer, Jenna Hillier, in a healing circle to relax, connect and learn about your body. You’ll heal and release your old body story, years of conditioning and limitations, to uncover your bodies inherent power and divine wisdom. You will leave this workshop with tools to feel more comfortable in your skin and to embody your happiest, healthiest self.

Jenna Hillier is a Life Coach, Emotional Healer and NYC Fitness Instructor helping successful employees and entrepreneurs who struggle with emotional eating and stress to design a healthy lifestyle that they can actually stick to (despite their busy schedule). She believes there is no one-size-fits-all to health and invites you to discover your unique health through coaching and mat-based movement.

As an former CPA (from Big 4 to NYC Start-Up culture) who has struggled with disordered eating, anxiety and addiction, she understands how important it is to clear emotional and energetic blocks in order for to live and impact from an inspired and healthy place. Jenna’s professional mission is to compassionately disrupt the status quo and give her clients the tools needed to lead a fuller, more empowered life.