Are you ready to stop dieting but don’t trust yourself to make good choices?


Hi, I'm Jenna and here's what I want to say:


First, it's so valid that you're confused about your health. Everyone and their mother has a different opinion on what food is “good” and “bad” for you, what workouts are the best, and what your perfect weight is. There’s just so much information (and misinformation) out there.

Second, it's normal that you want to feel present in your life experiences (like your best friends wedding or vacationing with your family) without worrying if you look good or having to analyze the food you're eating. Trust me, I've been there. I know that it's exhausting and that you deserve better.

Third, I understand that this that this isn't something that you can easily talk to your co-workers, mother, friends or even your best friends about.

Finally, from my experience there is a beautiful way to understand what food and movement is right for you and your Body, uniquely....


Optimal health takes a courageous willingness to explore your Body.

And you don't have to do it alone.


Live NOW! is an online group coaching course to free your mind from endless (nagging and negative) chatter, stop emotional eating, and create lasting healthy habits. Enrollment is open and we start October 1st.


Live NOW! is based on one simple philosophy: your Body isn’t the problem - your mind is. Because it's telling you that you're not worthy of the life you desire, when you absolutely ARE. Like, 150%.


Like this summer when you went to your friends wedding and just didn't feel comfortable in your skin, thinking losing 10 pounds would have helped a lot in that moment? Your brain said, "Why couldn't you have just eaten salad for lunch every day, you lazy lump. You never follow through on anything you say you're going to do!"


Sound familiar? That’s mindset.


And maybe you’ve heard that’s possible to eat well with ease and love your Body but it’s just too hard to believe because you’re convinced you’ve got bad genes and no will power.


"Those women just have something I don’t have". Yep, that’s mindset alright.


The truth is - the only thing those women have that you don’t is freedom. 


Freedom from a limiting mindset, freedom to never diet again, freedom from emotional eating and decision making, and freedom to stop doing terribly uncomfortable things that make you tired and bored (re: elliptical, another happy hour, the same man/apartment/job for years and years and years) in order to lose weight and, ultimately, live the life you've been dreaming of.


Freedom to stop waiting on the weight and start living NOW!


Let’s work together to create your own, unique version of vibrant health.

So you can rock your confidence and show up for the life you desire.

So you can feel natural, healthy and at home in your Body.


So, are you ready to stop waiting and Live NOW!?

Enrollment is currently closed so please sign-up for the waitlist to get exclusive bonus’s and discounts when we launch again!

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"I now have the tools to process my emotions instead of turning to food!"

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"One of my favorite results has been when someone I love and admire came up to me and said “You are exuding this radiance!"

I've been making yummy and nutritious salads for lunch which leave me feeling fueled and ready to go!

Because of my work with Jenna I can honestly say that my Body is my friend. That's not something I would have ever said before!! I am now able to listen to my Body as if it’s telling me something (not failing me)!"


"I doubled my rates and welcomed in two new clients in under a month. If you think changing you're health won't change your business - think again!"

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"The program was a beautiful enlightening empowering experience!

I was able to give the nagging voice in my head a name and I have simple tools to shut her up when she comes around! I have used the practice Jenna taught us again and again and it's helping tremendously in so many areas of my life. As a result, I have much more power over things that used to wear me down.

Even though we're talking about food, while working with Jenna I experienced a quantum leap in my professional life. I experienced financial gain and welcomed in two new clients in under a month. As Jenna says, "How you do one thing is how you do everything", so if you think changing your health won't change your business - think again!

I've even gifted Jenna's services to two of my best friends, that's how much I want everyone to experience her work!!"


What can you expect ...

6 months of Live Group Coaching Calls ($6,000 Value)

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transformation #1 - take your power back

  • Why you feel stuck and exactly how to clear space (mentally, physically, emotionally) to elevate your energy to a new level of being.

  • Become powerfully clear on your vision for your life and your Body so that you stop wasting time and energy on things that aren’t serving you and start living your best life.

  • The number one strategy most programs miss out that will create consistent motivation and energy for you to make lasting change in your life.

  • How to take ownership of your happiness and never have it be dependent on someone else again – i.e. it’ll overflow and be contagious.

  • How to make commitments you can (and want to) keep.

transformation #2 - Make moves

  • Tap into your Bodies divinity and have a whole new experience with her that will have you seeing her in a new light (making treating her well feel natural, instantly)!

  • How to become a woman who craves working out so you can tap into your internal power on the daily. Yes, its possible!

  • The flaw in most programs that has you failing before you even start and the simple shift that will guarantee you stay committed and motivated to consistently workout.

  • The secret link between emotional eating and your exercise and why it's critical that your Body guides your movement.

  • Stop the mind chatter, resistance, and self-sabotage with my simple 3-question sequence.

  • Self-care made simple - things you'll actually want to do that take no time at all (because your busy schedule's what made you lose track of self-care in the first place).


dinner party food.jpg

transformation #3 - EAT WELL WITH EASE

  • Why thinking you need more “willpower” wrong and what to focus on instead (yes- this means you can have wine, cheese, chocolate and bread!)

  • The best foods for reaching and maintain your ideal weight, sans rules or meals plans.

  • The biggest mistake every driven woman makes which makes it impossible for their Body to digest and metabolize food properly, plus how to reverse this habit.

  • How to make great choices when you go out (bars, restaurants, parties), stay in (girls night), and ‘how not to blow it on the weekends’.

  • Learn why cravings are the biggest blessing in disguise with my proven strategy to figure out what you are truly craving (physically & emotionally) and choose self-care instead of resorting to food.

  • Discover the #1 way to stop yourself from overindulging, saying something you’ll regret, or beating yourself up – that’s freedom, my friend.


BONUS: half-time 1:1 call with Jenna ($997 value)

  • VIP 1:1 2 hour Strategy Deep-Dive session with me to clarify your vision + goals for the next 3 months


mONTH 3-6: implement + thrive

  • Weekly laser-focused, check-in sessions to make sure you stay on track and your vision doesn’t fall away

  • Weekly laser-focused, intuitive mentoring session to break-through or heal what arises during the week

  • Incredible guest speakers, including my personal mentors and friends! I'm bringing in a Sex and Intimacy Coach, a Personal Stylist, an Energy Healer and more! This is going to be FUN!

  • Relevant books, handouts, meditations, and rituals to help you connect with your Bodies divinity, gifts and the full power and knowledge within

  • Special access to my other programs, offers and partnerships

  • Multi-dimensional holistic guidance across lifestyle, health and wellness, emotional intelligence, spirituality, energetics, mindset and business strategy


BONUS: wrap-up 1:1 call with Jenna ($497 value)

  • VIP 1:1 60 min Strategy Deep-Dive session with me to clarify your vision, goals, and plan as you exit the program


You'll also receive ...



Exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you can share the journey with other like-minded women. This is where we will all support each other & keep each other accountable! I'll be in there, too, every day to cheer you on and answer any questions that arise.

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AUdio recording + lifetime access (PRICELESS!)

Each week receive a powerful lesson for self-study. To fit the course into your own schedule and go at your own pace, the lessons will be provided in webinar format as well as audio format - so you can even take it with you on your commute! Plus, you'll have these FOREVER!

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DEEP DIVE journal ($1,000 value)

60+ page journal to guide you to deeper discoveries and break throughs during the program. Women rave about this journal! I've created it specifically to give each woman a unique experience and to ensure you get out of the program what you came for - lasting change!

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1:1 VIP CALLs WITH JENNA ($5,000 value)

Each week you and I will connect 1:1 to ensure you follow-through and implement the weekly content into your life. This is what makes my group program unlike any other. Plus, in the final week of the program, you and I will meet (just the two of us!), to map out your next 30 days and ensure you feel fully supported moving forward. 

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When you Live NOW! you get a total value of over $11,00 for only $2,497

Plus, the most valuable things of all:

Peace of mind, radiant confidence, trust in yourself, a community of women who GET and fully support you, plus your most vibrant health!!


Make sure you’re on the waitlist to get the best price when we launch!

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"I can honestly say that I have tapped into my gifts and have experienced that my Body and I CREATE miracles"

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Katie NaGY

"I'm proud to say that I am walking away from this experience with confidence in my Body and a firm commitment (and plan) to support my Body moving forward from a place of love!

In this program I was called to try things I had struggled with before— be it movement, eating, or just making time for pleasure — but this time I experienced them with a total new sense of freedom that came with mindset shifts I got from Jenna's teaching.

I can honestly say that I have tapped into my gifts and have experienced that my Body and I CREATE miracles by supporting each other!

Moving forward from this experience, I am committed to honoring the gifts my body brings and continuing with the mentality that my body is my friend."


Are you a VIP?

VIP includes unlimited access to me directly (text and voice-memo), plus a weekly 60 min of laser-focused coaching with me to ensure you remain focused on your vision while receiving full support through your unique mental, emotional and physical challenges. 


Think of it as having me in your back pocket! :)


It's the peace of knowing that there's someone who is supporting you every step of the way. Someone to reach out to in the day-to-day of things. Someone to have consistent check-ins with to ensure that you're mindset stays open and excited. Someone to help you dive deeper into what's coming up emotionally in a private setting.


I do 1:1 unlike anyone in the business - you have not experienced this level of accountability and support before. We're talking unprecedented support and accountability from someone who gets it (because I've been there, too).


If you're ready to learn more and are ready to invest in a VIP private mentorship, please schedule a connection call with me, below:


What I want you to know...

Live Now is not a diet, it's not one-size fits all, & there is no meal plan.  Instead, it's a roadmap I created that allows you to discover your own freedom and put an end end to emotional eating and painful suffering. It's a lifestyle that’s all about YOU living your best life NOW and enjoying your lasting journey to holistic health and happiness.

What I want you to know, even if we don't get to play together in the Live Now program... is you deserve that freedom. You deserve everything you desire. If you don't find support here with me, promise me you'll find it elsewhere. Because you were made to enjoy your food, adore your Body and love your life.