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If you’ve never meditated before, you’ve tried and struggled to maintain a regular practice, or if you are a regular meditator that feels stuck, this course is right for you.

We will cover the basics of meditation, demystify the practice, and then practice together.

I believe strongly that meditation is the foundation of our wellbeing. The quote, “how you do one thing is how you do everything” makes this idea pertinent. In essence how we meditate is also how we cook our meals, perform our job, practice yoga, and love. Meditation is a practice that works to create a positive, long-term impact on our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Science has provided the proof of the physical benefits that we gain from a regular meditation practice. In a world of smartphones and a city of extreme sensory overload, meditation can be extremely impactful in our levels of stress and exhaustion.

Join Jenna, Life Coach and Emotional Healer, in an empowering circle to connect and learn about meditation. Through storytelling, practical strategies, group practice, and engaging discussion we will uncover our ability to meditate with ease. You will leave this workshop with tools and many options to help you commit to your own personal meditation practice.

Jenna Hillier is a Life Coach, Emotional Healer and NYC Fitness Instructor helping successful employees and entrepreneurs who struggle with emotional eating and stress to design a healthy lifestyle that they can actually stick to (despite their busy schedule). She believes there is no one-size-fits-all to health and invites you to discover your unique health through coaching and mat-based movement.

As an former CPA (from Big 4 to NYC Start-Up culture) who has struggled with disordered eating, anxiety and addiction, she understands how important it is to clear emotional and energetic blocks in order for to live and impact from an inspired and healthy place. Jenna’s professional mission is to compassionately disrupt the status quo and give her clients the tools needed to lead a fuller, more empowered life.