In Daily Activate, we're committed to simple, loving choices on a … you guessed it… daily basis. We advocate and empower you to listen to your body and eat more of the foods that make you feel healthy and vibrant.

But we know it's not that simple sometimes. Health is a lot more than just food so we provide an easier way to get your daily dose of nutrients, while also providing a holistic and deeply transformative way for you to regain control of your health!  

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The Nourish Bundle is great to help you see some sustainable changes in your health and vitality!



  • Unlimited access to Daily Activate online portal and all future updates.

  • Check in calls with your personal Activation Accountability Coach.

  • A four month supply of our 100% natural fruit, vegetable and berry capsules.

  • 60 of our chocolate and/or vanilla complete sachets that are all natural powders with superfoods such as spirulina, mushroom powder, broccoli sprouts, yucca powder and so much more with a delicious vanilla or chocolate flavor.

  • Free children's chewables per order for children aged 4-17.

  • Cost is $104.5 per month which equals $3.48 per day.



Hosted 100% on Facebook, the Activation Station is a growing community, created by myself and fellow Life Coaches, Personal Trainers and Yoga teachers. You have UNLIMITED access to:  


  • The Activate Your Health Challenge is an 8 week program designed to help you make changes with ease, grace and flow so you can return to your inherent health and natural vibrancy. Take your power back by crowding out the things that don't serve you with things that light you up - think more pleasure, fun and nutrients in a way that is family friendly and DELICIOUS! We have Body Weight Work-Outs, a Whole Foods Menu, a DEEP DIVE journal and an Activations Tracker to help you stay on track. Plus our massive community of like minded people to help you feel inspired and take action daily!

  • We have a Seasonal Reset program that comes complete with new whole food recipes (created by NYC celebrity chefs), meal prep video tutorials and more so that you can explore exciting dishes and prepare a weeks worth of healthy and nourishing meals including breakfast, lunches and dinner (plus snacks) each and every season. You won't be hearing, "not salmon and broccoli again!!!" anymore.

  • For more recipes and delicious-ness we have Treat Your Tastebuds to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • We also have a Dishes For Bae recipe book to help the partner in our life learn that nourished eating can be delicious and filling!

  • If you’re wanting to incorporate more movement into your day, we have a 30 Days of Movement guide which introduces you to many different mat-based movements including yoga, weight lifting, stretching, dance and more. Our goal is to help you find movement you LOVE so that movement becomes self-care and even something you crave (imagine!!).

  • The Medi Club is perfect if you're looking to create or re-commit to your own meditation practice and find a new level of connection and calm.

  • The Sanctuary is for your inner seeker. It is a place to deepen your spiritual practice as well as learn more about energy, crystals, and more as a part of your holistic healing solution to disease, disorder and discomfort.

  • And to help keep your mind crystal clear, dive into the Return To Love Workbook to help you work through any limiting beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward.

  • The Grati Gang is for those who are passionate about giving back what they have gratefully received. We have so much fun creating a ripple effect of health in the lives of the people we love while building a sustainable, abundant business in the process.



All Daily Activate memberships are a minimum of 4 months paid, with lifetime program access to all the content and updates as long as the Facebook page is active.  

Why 4 months?

We take pride in not being a quick fix or overnight transformation program.  We know that real, sustainable changes in health take time.  Plus, did you know that it takes around 4 months for your red blood cells to turn over, meaning those really juicy changes can sometimes happen over longer periods of time!  Might be time to see what long term commitment to a program that allows you to get healthy with ease, grace and flow can do!