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I’m Jenna

I’m fiercely committed to my truth, my gifts and my calling. Nothing lights me up like sharing my gifts and witnessing the impact they make in the lives of others.

I am deeply rested and embodied in my physical body. From this space my truth emanates a light-code and healing transmission.

Here is my truth, spoken from the depth of my soul:


i believe…

Movement is self-care.

Emotions are powerful.

We are all pure consciousness expressing itself in human form.

Our bodies are divinely and purposefully made, thus we are whole, complete and perfect in this moment.

Vibrant health, radiant magnetism and energy mastery is our natural state of being.


I value…

AUTHENTIC INTEGRITY: I do what I say I am going to do, and on time. I communicate and act in integrity with my highest truth, guided by my souls desires, no matter what.

TRUST: I trust my unique process to reveal to me precisely what I am meant to experience, alchemize and transcend in the most perfect timing.

RADICAL SELF-RESPONSIBILITY: I see the miracle in every situation. I am the radically responsible leader of my own life. I take full responsibility for my thoughts, beliefs, actions and results.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: I commit to loving myself unconditionally as well as to expanding my capacity to give and receive love always in alignment with my highest good. 



Energy, consciousness running through us, delivering divine communication, gifts to the world, guidance and connecting us to all living things.

Felt most by me when I am dancing in nature, submerged in the ocean, at a full-band concert outdoors in the summertime, moving my body, snuggling a loved one with total presence, watching my niece and nephew play, singing, wrapped in a gust of wind or caught between raindrops.

Limitless, powerful enough to expand time, create instantaneously,



To compassionately disrupt the status quo and activate a self-love experience for women who aspire to embody all that they are today by reclaiming their relationship their body.



That all Beings prioritize taking care of themselves, loving themselves, healing themselves and allowing themselves to be who they truly are.

A new normal in the wellness industry, as well as corporate culture for wellness, that celebrates bio-individuality and allows each Being to know and utilize their unique gifts.


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